Hi there!
My name is Sandra, and I am an archviz student att YRGO, Gothenburg.  
My interest in color and shape giving has been with me for as long as I can remember, since art and photography always has been a great part of my life. My absolute favorite thing to do is to make visual pictures out of thoughts and ideas - something that I’ve always done with pen and paper until August 2020 when I found the world of 3D. 
I graduated from my gymnasium in june 2013, and after that I worked for a couple of years before I moved to California to study art and photography for a year (2015-2016). When I got back home to Sweden I started my own company within the beauty-industry, which I worked with full-time until 2019 when I took a job as a sales-person.
Before I became an archviz student at YRGO I had never so much as opened any kind of 3d modelling software, so everything you can see on this site is my development process from august 2020 - until today.

MAIL: sandralundahl@live.com
PHONE: +4676 949 95 63
INSTAGRAM: lundahlviz​​​​​​​
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